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Bible Blast is a fantastic tool for families to teach the Bible to their children. This is a parent-driven program designed for four-year-olds through fifth graders. God commanded us to TALK to our children about the Word of God in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Although most parents sincerely desire to be involved personally in the spiritual training of their children, many find that a hard thing to do effectively. Bible Blast provides parents with an easy, structured way to teach their children. Just a few minutes a week at home prepares your children for the fun time each week at church where they are recognized and rewarded for their new Bible knowledge. Children love the prizes they win each week for a job well done. They also love the optional rewards and recognition for achieving great feats of scripture memory! You and your children will learn more about the Bible than you have ever learned before. Nothing else works as effectively as Bible Blast and it really is a BLAST!

Continuing where Bible Blast leaves off, Bible Biz is intended for ages 5th through 12th grades.  It is strategically designed to turn young believers into finding the promises of God on their own.  Bible Biz is student-driven, designed to teach the young person how to search the scriptures themselves without parental assistance.  Five times a week, student use their Bible Biz Manuals to do a five-minute study of short portions of scripture.  In this process, they will use their study Bibles, be directed to maps, concordance references, charts and commentaries teaching them how to study scripture. After doing their short study at home, they come to church each week prepared for a fun, exciting time of teaching and competition. The youth love the social interaction of the gaming atmosphere. And they love the candy they can win each week! Bible Biz begins the process of turning your child into a disciple of Christ on their own.

Welcome to Bible Blast! Welcome to the fun!







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